Lake Lyell

On Friday, two members Steve and Grant decided to head west to lake Lyell at Lithgow for the day, to fine tune the latest improvements to Grants boat and hopefully catch some fish. After a disappointing start to the day trolling the main basin of the dam near the caravan park, a decision was made to head to the backwaters to see if things improved.
As the boat was performing well on the new electric motor, it wasn’t long before Steve hooked up, and after a great fight with a healthy rainbow trout of about 40cm, the fish was unfortunately dropped at the boat whilst landing.
Although very disappointed at the loss, both mates had a laugh when Steve proclaimed he was going to let it go anyway as it was not big enough to keep.  With new found enthusiasm and the sounder fish alert going crazy, trolling re commenced and within a short distance Grant was on. With an early call by Steve that it was a huge brown trout, and with some expert guidance by him, the fish was eventually landed after giving Grant the fight of his life.

Steve was right. A very nice 54cm Brown Trout.  (A new P.B trout and freshwater fish for Grant).

The back waters were trolled for several more hours after this with no luck. With temperatures rising, the fish had gone deep and were holding below the range of all our lures, with frustration mounting, both anglers wished they had brought the down rigger with them. After much excitement and a beautiful day on the water, we headed for home.

A great day shared between two good mates, who together with their families, enjoyed the spoils of the day at lunch on Sunday.

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