St Georges Basin

With Club members heading south to St Georges Basin, the weather forecast was not boding well with rain and heavy winds predicted, this did not dampen our spirits for a great trip with mates.
The weather on the water was kind with overcast, cold and mild winds gusting we managed to hit the water. Most of the boats caught fish unfortunately nearly all of these were just under and were sent back to grow a lot bigger, the fish caught Bream, Flathead, Flounder, Pinkies, Whiting, a very large unknown (never made it to the boat) and finally a cockle/mussel
On Mick’s boat they caught over 30 fish between them, but only 3 made the plate. Chloe got a nice size flathead which is pictured, Bill got a bream and a flounder. Bill believes they got all there fish with bait. He did see a boat come in Sunday morning where they had 3 large flathead and a really big snapper which they got on plastics.
With our usual get together BBQ, round a fire pit finished of the day

A good time was had by all

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