Lake St Clair

Lake St Clair, after setting up our campsite and the arrival of other esfc members we all decided to head out for an afternoon session of fishing Michael caught a 34cm Bass and Grant with brand new rod and reel combo caught 40cm silver perch and 36 cm Bass a great way to christen the new gear. The next morning we all rose to calm waters so the morning session was going ok with another 4 bass ranging from 34 – 36 cm and a 40 cm yellow belly in the boats. When the wind picked up and roared across the dam with white caps everywhere. Just on dusk the wind drop and we got out for the last effort Chris caught 40.5 cm Bass to finish off the day. However the winds were not finished for the day or even the night and were relentless, with other camp sites suffering from the strong wind gusts. After the winds subsided we ventured out for a short run with Grant picking up 2 yellowbelly to take out the trifecta 1 of each species

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