Wharf Road

Outing for this month was to Wharf Road and the Parramatta River. Chris, Paul & Bill arrived around sun up and the day was looking good, little to no wind and a bit cool actually.
Bill was first to hit the water in his Kayak and by the time Paul and Chris hit the water, Bill was waving us across to a spot and pointing they are here. We duly motored across to Bill who had already landed a few and set up a drift along the same line.
Sure as eggs we picked up a few Bream best of which was 31cm by Chris. Things tended to go quite for a bit so we moved along into some deeper water and found the drop into the lane where the Ferry’s go through. Drifted around there for a bit and Paul picked up a Flattie and some Bream.

Bill called it a day around 11am, he had run out of bait, but his end tally was 15 Bream and some Flatties. A good haul, which all were returned to the water. Paul and I kept going for a while longer and move down under the bridge. Unfortunately the only action there were small Tailor. By this time the weather was really heating up and we were beginning to cook, so decided that was enough and headed back. Overall quite a good day on the water and wouldn’t mind heading back there to explore a few more spots along the river

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