Fishing Trips

Chasing Winter Bass

DSCN1255-sm4 Club members and friend headed northwest chasing the elusive winter Bass, arriving at our camping ground we all decide where to pitch our tents, close to water, what a spot to spend some time wetting a line, after finalising the camp site i decided to try a floating bait under a bubble float. First cast of the weekend for me and a very healthy 37cm bass just before dusk great start to the weekend, after that everything went quiet. After dinner and a few more attempts with no interest from the fish i called it a night for fishing and relaxed around the camp fire ( Thanks to Grant for the fire-pit )
Next morning waiting for the mist to rise off the lake, we headed out for a great days fishing we hoped. Bruce landed a nice 34 cm bass rigDSCN1256-smht in front of our camp site. looking good we headed across the lake to a small bay with structure, plenty of fish on our sounder, no interest in our bait, soft plastic or hard body even an ice jig.
After trolling the bays and still no luck we decided to try the other side of the lake, unfortunately the wind had picked up across the lake making it difficult to stay on the fish so we headed back to camp for lunch, the wind really picked up in the arvo so we were confined to the foreshore. Paul decided to try bait fishing and sure enough landed a solid winter bass again just in front of our camp site.
Next morning early start and fished again till lunchtime when the wind strengthened again, luckily today we managed to find the fish and landed a 26cm & 35cm winter bass. Thanks to Bruce for organising the trip.

Sussex Inlet

Another family weekend done and dusted. They seem to get better and better, I’m talking about the social side not the fishing or boating side of the club. A big thanks to all. Special thank you to Wendy Lyndahl and Tonia for their efforts. To our resident Dj Ben, thank you also. Good job. Most people arrived on the Friday and got themselves settled in. The boys and i arrived early evening, a cabin is so much easier than pitching a tent in the dark. A few of our early arrivals tried their luck on the water. No success and very windy conditions. Ah the boating club. Saturday looked a lot better, Chris and I headed out to try our luck with Snapper at one of the artificial reefs . No luck , plan B Flathead in the shallows. I was using plastics while Chris tried his luck with blades. It took a while but Chris got a nice legal flathead. Me a big fat zero, time to move on to bigger and better things. Ben and crew caught a lot of fish, unfortunately all undersize. Paul and Phil in the leaky boat also did no good. Bill and Mick caught two legal Flathead, these boys I think are our most successful crew, so if you want a fish talk to them. They might not catch a lot but they always seem to come home with a feed. Steve and Grant also had a bad morning. Now to my two boys, ill keep it short so their heads don’t swell to much. Whiting, Flathead, Bream, Snapper were all caught in the shallow water on plastics with light jighheads. 5 Bream were released weighing just over 4kgs. We had 3 mystery lengths on different species. Wendy, Lyndahl and Tonia picked these, nobody knew what they were. Now we needed official measures to verify the catch, who better than Chloe, Addison and Mel . These kids had a ball doing there jobs, waiting for boats to come in so they could grab the fish and measure them. This made the whole weekend worth while, to see the enjoyment they all had.
Dinner time arrived and the cooks were busy on the bbqs. Nice job the food was beautiful. The fires were lit , bellies full of food , meriment, a lot of talking and dancing to be had. The mystery prizes were handed out to the winners. All the kids got a small gift pack for their great contribution. I retired early and sat in my cabin watching all the dancing and laughing .
Sunday mornings was slow, to be expected after a big night, Once again I would like to thank everybody for their great company and jovial behaviour.

Parsley Bay

A day that I thought would not happen due to proposed  weather conditions. Paul and I were to head off at 5am Sunday morning. All the gurus obviously were looking at their weather maps on phones. Don’t believe everything you see or read, although if I was heading outside I think I would take heed of what was on the screens.
Lying in my bed Saturday evening and listening to the rain teeming down I thought I may as well text Paul and call it off. I must have fell asleep because I didn’t text, woke up at 4am got up looked outside , no rain and stars could be seen. Good enough for me, worst case scenario is a drive to Brooklyn to find the weather is to bad to fish. On with the jug, coffee in hand prepare all the gear and wait for Paul. 4.45 Paul arrives hook up the boat check  lights . Paul goes to start the car , flat battery, weather didn’t stop us but maybe this will, no no no battery out of the boat jump start and hit the road . Weather seemed to get better the closer we got to Brooklyn, pulled up at the boat ramp beautiful sunshine and dead calm water.
We headed up towards Aporta Bay to start out fishing. Paul had some pilchards out on one rod  I was working plastics. Half an hour went past and nothing was happening. We got out of aporto and headed right to a little cove where we just drifted with the tide. We did 3 runs of this for one legal flathead and a lot of undersized whiting, tailor. Dangar island should be alright guaranteed a flathead, not likely. You would think that after dodging the weather the fish would co operate. Up to the mouth  Moonie Moonie and drift once again with the tide , once again nothing not even nibbles. By this time we were getting pretty disponded and the day was getting away from us. Bill and  Mick were also on the water , their luck was as good as ours, Mick had caught a 43cm flattie. Our last little run was just outside the mouth of Parsley bay where Paul picked up a legal flathead. Lures 2 bait 0.
Boat out we enjoyed a sausage on a roll with Bill and Mick before heading home.  Oh by the way don’t know what was wrong with battery, it didn’t play up again.

Beach & Lake Fishing

DSCN1194-sm DSCN1193-sm DSCN1191-sm DSCN1196-sm
 ESFC members and a couple of friends ventured north to the beach to try their luck, with the weather being overcast and grey the early start was very comfortable, with the 5 of us taking up our position just after high tide we started to present a variety of baits prawn, beachworms , whole pilchards and even a special creation. We had a little interest with small bream , whiting and juvenile flathead ( we think let us know if it is something different ) and yes that little one took the worm and hook and had a pretty good set of dentures. Once the sun has risen and the cloud cover cleared the bites stopped. So the ESFC members headed to the lake to chase sand whiting and bream using bait and fly, a total of 10 Bream were caught with one good keeper, with a BBQ lunch to finish off the mornings fishing.

Sussex Inlet

Well I think we have found another really good weekend adventure for the Fishing Club. This month we had our weekend at St Georges Basin and this weekend also included partners, where we booked accommodation right on the water front. If you wanted too they also had berths where you could moor your boat for the night or even drag them up on the sand for a quick getaway the next morning.
The fishing was a good on Saturday morning with catches of Bream, Flatties achievable with some persistence. Chris & Bruce managed a few Flatties and some small Bream but the weather was good and just an enjoyable day on the water… fish a bonus.
However Sean & Codie ventured out in the late afternoon and reported much better strikes rates landing 20+ each. As this was the clubs first outing to St Georges Basin we could expect better as our knowledge of the waterway and hot spots improves.
The Saturday night was a cracker as it always is on these weekends with everyone coming together for a BBQ and a few drinks which went well into the night. Again however we over catered with more cheese platers, assorted meats and crackers than you could poke a stick at.
So good was the weekend and venue that we have immediately placed a booking again for next year, but the time frame as moved to May as November was booked out….
See you there.

IMG_0940-smCatch & Release estimates for the boatsIMG_0939-sm
Steve & Ken – Bream, Flatties, Snapper – 33cm Bream
Ben & Annette – Tarwhines, Bream, Flatties – 47cm Flattie
Bill & Mick – 35cm Leather Jacket, Bream
Paul & Phil – Snapper & Flatties
Codie & Sean – Bream 35cm, Flatties 47cm, 45cm Snapper

Hawkesbury River

140914-6-sm140914-1-smIt was a foggy start to the day with a few boats getting disoriented, or not being where they were supposed to be. With one skipper using their smartphone as a navigation aide. But when the fog lifted, it turned out to be a great day. 5 boats out all catching fish, but unfortunately, the target Jewfish was not one of them. Good catches of flathead with Rick and Angie heading to Broken Bay with the best at about 68cm. Cody got a good catch of Flathead and bream up around Spencer. Mick, Paul and Michael tried the Patonga area and also scored well using nippers.  We all met back at the ramp where we had a BBQ lunch and compared stories about the mornings fishing and boating.

140914-2-sm  140914-8-sm  140914-11-sm  140914-10-sm  140914-9-sm

Blue Mts Trophy Trout

20140713_071326-smtcd-016 Club members traveled over the Blue Mts to chase the elusive Trophy TroutA very cold frosty morning we were all rugged up ready to chase these Trophy Dam Trout we heard about, on arrival 4 fishos went one side and 2 fishos went the other eventually meeting up around mid morning on the same side of the dam with the same result Fisho’s “Nil” we were all taunted by these trout just cruising the shallows. Mick had taken up his spot early in the morning a had patiently fished the same patch of water with one big strike and a thrown lure, Unlucky. While we all threw Devils, Hard Bodies deep and shallow divers, Soft plastics.  Until about Midday after all other lure were having no success, Grant a new member tried a soft plastic imitation and finally hooked up with what was described as a least 5+ pounds of Trout. With a few big runs Grant had his first Trout almost to the net for that great Photo moment ( or so he thought ) when with a last ditched effort and a few barrel rolls managed to throw the lure leaving 6 fishos with blank expressions and new found vigor to keep fishing with no success only frustration
tcd-02  tcd-06  tcd-04  20140713_110619-sm  tcd-11

Parsley Bay

A few ESFC members ventured out from Parsley Bay Brooklyn – here are there stories
parsleybay7parsleybay1The wind and drizzle was making it cold and rough in the channel and Paul had to rig up for the day so we took shelter In Gunyah Bay. First line in the water on Sunday 7.00am. 76cm Flathead. Just off the Southern end of Gunyah Beach. It some time to get it in the boat as the net we has only a little bit wider Than it’s head. My deck hand “Paul” did a great job to get her in the net. We left the bay and motored around into Cowan creek for a Drift out of the wind and my deckie helped Land another 3 flatties just over 40cm. All Fish caught before 9.00am Paul hook a sand Flathead just after 12.00 but we lost it at the boat. It was not a good fish day for the birthday boy. Big day out for NO FISH PHIL sorry “The Fish Phil” again

parsleybay4The day started pre dawn, clear sky’s and 10deg. Bill and I struggled before the 10am tide change only bagging an eel. The weather changed at the same time as the tides with strong winds and rain. With a good drift across the sandbanks near Dangar Island we scored two nice flathead (sorry no pics) and this Blue swimmer crab before I bagged my first Jew fish albeit undersize. We continued with several undersize snapper but they kept our interest.

Mingarra Fishing Competition

34cm BreamThe 2014 Mingara Tournament was on again 1st & 2nd March. Up for the challenge the Emu Sports Fisho’s loaded up and headed off up the M1 to have another crack. Unfortunately the weather turned it on again this year with rain the order of the weekend, just as well we went for cabins again. That is, except Rick & Angie who decided to brave it in the tent. Once up and running all good but putting a tent up in driving rain is a real challenge, Rick said it almost had more water inside than out, and a bit of drying out was required before they could move in.
Accommodation set time to rig up and prepare for an early morning assault.Minagarra Comp 2014

Plan was to hit the beaches first, so splitting up to different locations we got things underway. Mick and I were using Mick’s hard won worms and they did the trick. Mick was first to strike with a nice 30cm Whiting which eventually weighed it at .220kg and shortly after a 28cm Bream. Chris meanwhile a bit further down the beach also had some success with a small Whiting initially but then a nice bite resulted in a good 34cm Bream which weighed it at .620kg. Bill & Darren, Rick & Angie were having a go with Pillies, Prawns & Squid, but not much success just small Whiting. Phil & Paul also had a tough time as the beach fishing was a challenge on two fronts, one the rain but the real pest was the weed. Mick said he must have pulled in about 700kg of weed and joked, too bad we couldn’t weigh that in J. Weather turned even worse and after toughing it out for a bit longer decided to retire to the cabin for some bacon and eggs and warm beverages. Rain eased a bit later and we managed to get the boats in but didn’t improve on the morning session. Day one we had a couple of fish on the board, Mick’s Whiting and Chris’ Bream.

Minagarra Comp 2014Sunday and the rain was still around and we hit the beach again early. Paul & Mick were having good success landing the Bream, Paul especially landing 8, but unfortunately none of the larger size we were looking for.
Again we hit the boats and managed some good catches, Chris with 42 & 47cm Flatties, Darren with 5 Flatties 36-49cm Flatties, Rick & Angie plenty of small Bream and the same for Paul & Mick. So at the end of the day we didn’t really improve on our score for the first day as there were much bigger fish on the board now. However Mick’s Whiting did hold up and he picked up a species prize winning a nice esky.

Minagarra Comp 2014Gloucester was the winning team this year, actually defending their title from the previous year… well done guys.
Still, a good weekend was had by all and of course a few funny moments. Paul’s sing-a-long on the bus home from dinner on Saturday night, Rick & Angie’s flooded tent but the best one goes to Phil. His motor was making funny noises on the Saturday so decided they won’t go far and just tied up to a marker pole not far from the boat ramp. After a couple of hours of not so productive fishing they returned to the boat ramp with the motor clacking away. On inspection after trailering the boat they discovered the flushing muffs were still on the motor J

Well that’s it for another year but we will be back to try again next year. Congratulations to the Mingara Club for again putting on a great tournament, weather not so good, but the dinner on Saturday night and presentation Sunday afternoon were outstanding.

Results for the weekend

Bream 30cm? – Whiting 28cm – on the board

8 Bream all 26-30cm?

Bream all 26-30cm? – Flattie 37cm

5 x Flattie 36-49cm. But did weigh them in after Chris’s was around 600+gms and we needed 950gm to get a point in third place and 1200gm for second place with a monster 1400+gms for first.

Bill and I tried the beach (North Entrance and Howards Beaches) both days early morning using prawns, pillies and squid with nothing. Stood on Howards beach in torrential rain without even a bite. Bill did get a small whiting no bigger than the prawn it took though!

Bream 34cm – on the board – Flatties 47cm – on the board – Flatties 44cm

Lake Eucumbene December 2014

20131228_221728I had been eagerly watching the trout fishing reports leading up to our annual post-Christmas escape to the cooler weather and fly fishing around lakes Eucumbene and Jindabyne – in short “an occasional big brown of an evening but the rainbows were scarce”.
We fished the first night in near perfect conditions with a very slight nor-wester and bright starlight. The browns could be heard slurping Christmas beetles off the surface but they seemed to stay a long way off shore well into the evening. Sue had had enough by 10pm and so had I … last cast for the night I said to myself in a fairly serious tone. I had only just started a retrieve when I felt a solid take on the dark muddler mudeye and soon recognised it was a brown by its lack of surface acrobatics and the steady tractor like pull. 10 minutes later Sue shone the torch on a nicely coloured 5 pounder. A pretty solid start to our 5 nights fishing I thought to myself. Unfortunately it proved to be a sudden stop also. We gave up after more 3 nights of zero scores and decided to fish another lake on our way home. Only 1 other brown around 1.5lb taken that night.
The best reason I heard for the slow fishing was that the mudeyes hadn’t yet started to move and that the rainbows were fixed on daphnia (water fleas) which congregate in massive swarms in generally mid to deeper water. The trollers were picking up a few rainbows and their autopsies showed they had been feeding mostly daphnia. Anybody got a good daphnia pattern?
Another interesting fact I learned this trip was that while Eucumbene and Jindabyne are stocked with tens of thousands of fingerlings each year, they have at for at least 10 years, all been rainbows. The ongoing population of browns therefore are entirely naturally recruited from spawning in the Eucumbene, Snowy and Thredbo Rivers.

Parsley Bay September 2013

Bit of a spiel about last months trip;

Last months outing was at Parleys Bay – Hawksbury. Tough day on the fishing front but a glorious day on the water, guess you can’t have everything.

At the end of the day Bruce & I landed 5 Flatties with the best 45cm. Phil & Mick also ventured out and amazingly enough Phil landed 2 Flatties best being 37cm.

A glorious day on the water turned to disaster for Bruce & I when on the way home the trailer decided to chuck a wheel bearing. Even more unfortunate was that I had left the repair kit at home and had to call one of my boys to bring it up.

All ended good, spares arrived and repair effected. Remainder of trip was uneventful.

Tip…Add repair kit to check list

Lake Maquarie May 2013

IMG_0617-2-smWhat a great weekend away, Blue skies calm seas 4 boats 7 Esfc members took to the lake chasing the target Fish Bream. Within the first hour on the water Team Qunitrex Hornet had a sizable catch in the well with a comment ” This Fishing is easy” with the majority of fish caught by the boat owner. Team Brooker headed to the same area and proceeded to drift with the breeze across the lake with little luck a couple of really good bites on prawns on the bottom and a flattie follow on Soft plastics.
Team Qunitrex380 was a  late starter and proceeded to “Flyfish” the shallows from the boat again drifting the shoreline with the wind showing good balance with the flyrod.

Team Trimcraft the smallest boat for the weekend made a slow and steady survey of the fishing areas and promptly settled on a small bay with a deep gutter inside it where
One fish Phil, redeemed all his previous excursions with a great 40cm Bream, and changed his name to “The Fish Phil”


The 40cm big bream was caught on a dead line 4lb mono down to a 1m, 8lb leader a small ball sinker above a barrel swivel and a 1.0 Gamakatsu hook with half a dead poddy mullet head for bait.

breamimage102Paul and I were fishing just to the left of the warm water outlets for Vales Point power station.
There is a pontoon wharf with a large hole in front of it. The hole is about 12 foot deep and about 10 to 15 metre’s across. I cast the dead line just on the outer edge of the hole in about 1 metre of water.  Paul and I were casting blades and bibbed mono’s in to the hole for about 20 minutes when my dead line rod tip almost hit the water and the fight began. She tried to get in to the roots near the shore but I was able to turn her head and get her out. The fish from a distanced looked like a salmon Paul said but when I got her away from the snag I could see she was a big mother bream.

Paul kept telling me not to pull so hard or I would lose it. The line was very tight you could hear it twanging under the pressure. When she would run, the drag was set just right. The fight took about 8 minutes. She tiered quickly and was well netted by my able offsider Paul. We spent about 3 minutes measuring and taking photos and then I told Paul I cannot take this one home. Too big to eat she needed to go back and breed more for future trips to the lake. She took a few seconds to get her bearings but swam off at a great rate heading back to the depths

Chris from Team Quintrex Hornet did well with Flathead and Bream landing a nice bag that fed the club for dinner.
Bruce ventured out in the afternoon and landed a very nice 62cm Flattie which was safely released

“Wives weekend” was well supported and everyone was able to catchup and share the fishing experiences with their loved ones.


This page will be updated on a regular basis with fishing trips taken by our members during the year and will contain fishing information on the trip.


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