Photo Gallery Updated

Thanks to Ben , Bruce & Codie for more images for the photo gallery, check out some awesome fish caught by these ESFC members

Bream 37 cm to the fork. Caught at Berowra  Waters in 1 metre of water
Mahi Mahi ( Dolphin Fish ) 27 km offshore
Mud Crab mmmmmm Chilli Crab

Changes to Recreational Fishing Rules starting 3 Nov 2014

On 3rd November 2014 there will be a total of 16 changes to the Freshwater and Saltwater fishing rules, these changes include Bag & Size Limits certain species , Spawning times extended certain species . All these changes can be viewed on the fisheries website where both PDF and YouTube video are available – Website Recreational Fishing

Glenbawn Dam

Darren headed to Glenbawn Dam near Scone for some bass fishing after the long weekend.  Here’s a couple of pics with the biggest landed at 46cm using a Bassman spinnerbait.
glenbawn04-sm  glenbawn03-sm  glenbawn01-sm  glenbawn02-sm
Nice Bass Darren Congrats

Hawkesbury River

Fishing the Hawkesbury river near Brooklyn with the target fish being “Jewfish” was the venue on Sunday.
It was an early foggy start to the day, the fog started lifting about 7:30, with little wind it would turn into
great weather for a morning on the water. There were 11 fisho’s in 5 boats and everyone stayed for a BBQ
at the ramp to finish the day off.
140914-2-sm 140914-3-sm 140914-4-sm 140914-7-sm 140914-5-sm

Blue Mts Trout Fishing

6 Club members ventured over the Blue Mts to chase the elusive Trophy Trout.
A very cold frosty morning we were all rugged up ready to chase these Trophy Dam Trout we heard about, on arrival 4 fishos went one side and 2 fishos went the other eventually meeting up around mid morning on the same side of the dam with the same result Fisho’s “Nil” we were all taunted by these trout just cruising the shallows. more info Fishing Trips

tcd-09 20140713_071326-sm 20140713_071334-sm tcd-07 tcd-04

Parsley Bay

Parsley Bay weather poor fishing OK – read the full reports on the Fishing Trip Page

The day started pre dawn, clear sky’s and 10deg. Bill and I struggled before the 10am tide change only bagging an eel. The weather changed at the same time as the tides with strong winds and rain. The wind and drizzle was making it cold and rough in the channel and Paul had to rig up for the day so we took shelter In Gunyah Bay
“One Fish Phil” upsized to “The Fish Phil” for the second time – Great fish Phil congrats. Also congrats to Darren for a nice little jewie

 parsleybay1  parsleybay2  parsleybay3  parsleybay7  parsleybay4

Lake Macquarie

  Lake Macquarie Sunrise  Lake Macqaurie  Lake Macquarie Flathead  Lake Macqaurie

Another great trip to Lake Macquarie for the club, weather again extremely kind, sunshine and very little wind
6 boats headed out onto the lake for a casual day of fishing, a mixed bag of fish were caught including bream,
whiting, flathead and sole with variety of techniques used bait, soft plastics, trolling hard bodies.

Lake Eucumbene 2014

Eucumbene DamA couple of ESFC members and friends headed for Lake Eucumbene for a little R&F ( Rest and Fishing ) chasing in this case elusive Snowy Mountains Trout. On arrival we checked the local fridge to see how the lake was fishing, there were only a couple of rainbows in the freezer, this should have been the first clue. Fishing was hard with us trying fly, bait, soft plastics, hard bodies , from the bank , from the boat with no success. Finally we managed to entice a nice 1.5+ kilo rainbow while trolling a hard body minnow.

Fishing Middle Harbour

Bill and Darren fished Middle Harbour Saturday morning with a little success. Billy bagged a large Flounder and a nice Bream. I got a couple of smaller, legal Flounder. We both landed several Snapper but unfortunately they were undersized and were returned back to water. Put the boat in at Tunks Park Northbridge. Top day out. Cheers

Middle Harbour   Middle Harbour   Middle Harbour   Middle Harbour